In India, the love for bridal jewellery isn’t something new. Since ancient times, brides used to adorn precious jewellery on their wedding day, channelling their royalty and symbolising power. Although the designs then were simple, typically in gold, over the years, jewellery has become more ornate. The latest day heavily encrusted pearl and gemstone sets in silver and gold make the Indian bridal jewellery segment richer and sassier than before. 

Today’s brides can expand their colour palette and can choose from subtle pastels to bold neutral shades. The rising popularity of sparkle and glitter in designer wedding jewellery also helps Indian brides take their style up a notch.

Let’s take a look at how Indian bridal jewellery has evolved over the years and the latest trends in the segment.


The History Of Popular Traditional Bridal Jewellery Styles

The popular traditional bridal jewellery in India, such as Temple Jewellery, Polki, Kundan, and Meenakari reflects the culture of a certain region. Each has its unique history and significance that makes a bridal look truly memorable.

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is a kind of ethnic jewellery crafted in the various forms of God and Goddesses. It is said to have originated in Chola and Pandya dynasties.

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Temple jewellery was designed solely to adorn idols in the temple, especially in South India. However, as time passed, the temple dancers started wearing imitations of the jewellery while performing dance renditions of devotional stories. 

Originally, the designs were made with gold embedded with precious gemstones and intricate filigree work. Nowadays, Temple earrings and Temple jewellery necklaces are available in different metals, such as silver,brass and bronze that are light on pockets.

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The design of Temple jewellery is so magnificent and divine that it goes well with the heavily embellished bridal outfit and makes the bride look ethereal. 


Jadau jewellery has its roots in the royal era of fore. It was introduced by Mughals in India but practised and perfected by the artisans of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

Jadau work is commonly used in Meenakari, Polki, and Kundan earrings and necklaces, which adds an exquisite touch to the bridal look. The design of the jewellery involves engraving and spacing the pliable gold. Once the stones are naturally set in the gold casing, the artisans decorate the back of the jewellery with meenakari work.

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Bridal Jewellery In Modern India

Indian bridal jewellery designs have evolved to a great extent, thanks to the cross-culture exchange of ideas and inspiration. Today’s brides have an abundance of stylish options to add a pop of interest to their bridal statements. 

At the same time, retailers are updating their sales techniques to meet the changing desires of modern brides. You can now shop the latest trends in Indian jewellery online with just a click of a button.

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The Latest Trends In Indian Bridal Jewellery

The variety of jewellery we see today is a fusion of Indian history and western cultures. Gemstones necklaces and earrings, especially precious and semi-precious stones have become a major trend today.
In addition, chokers are having a big moment, be it sizeable, chunky pieces, or standard chokers layered with long necklaces. Modern brides also set their hearts on high collar chokers paired with pearl strands or Polki Ladas.

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Statement earrings, particularly danglers and chandeliers, are a popular choice for wedding celebrations. The huge Polki earrings for pre-wedding rituals and classy pearl earrings for the post-wedding reception are an absolute hit.

The Rise Of Bespoke Jewellery

Over the last few years, there has been a great demand for bespoke jewellery. Today’s brides have a creative mind; they want their bridal jewellery to be unique from the rest while feeling special on the big day.

Customisation is the key to making bridal jewellery personalised. It is experimental and helps brides express themselves through the choices they make. 


The evolution of Indian jewellery is fascinating. Drawing the legacy from beautiful history, it has now become more enchanting and charming. But no matter how long the Indian bridal jewellery goes, it will always remain the expression of culture and aesthetics. 

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